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I have Argus 2's and have front porch sensitivity at 15% to prevent Blue Jays and such from setting them off.

I have a support ticket opened with reolink. Maybe they have a solution.
It just seems to me if anything is moving in the fov of the camera and it's set to record any movement it should start recording. Especially if the sensitivity is set to high.

Heard back from Reolink.
The camera in question only uses PIR for motion detection so  that's why it's limited in what it can see. The heat sensor only has a limited range.   It's also a battery powered camera and those only come with PIR sensors.
I also have a RLC510WA which uses electric power and comes with an image sensor instead of a PIR sensor.  Big difference. After installing it in place of the other one I can now see about a 100 to 150 ft away. Just what I was looking for.
I guess I needed to do my homework better but I also think that Reolink could point out these facts better in their description of what the unit can do.
So bottom line if you are looking for a Reolink camera that can pick up movement at long distances get one with an image sensor instead of PIR.

Thanks for the update.

There is so much that seems like it should be the same, when it isn't.


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