Author Topic: What calculation method do you use for NOAA reports?  (Read 1485 times)

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What calculation method do you use for NOAA reports?
« on: June 13, 2009, 10:05:10 AM »
For your NOAA reports, what calculation method do you use, the High-Low or Integration method?

I switched to the integration method after initially using the high-low method because I think it better matches the averages of a nearby county-operated weather station.  The county station has been in operation for nearly a decade and I used their raw historical data to calculate my NOAA set up page's monthly normal temperatures and rainfalls.  Admittedly less than ten years of records isn't a very long history, but I'm at a much higher elevation than the local airport and the Reno airport is known to have a serious heat island problem so I couldn't use those records. Heck, NWS even cites it in their manuals as a case study of where not to site a weather station in order to avoid biased temperature readings.

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