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After trying out BlueIris and finding it was something of a resource hog, even when running as a service, I thought I would give iSpy a try. Downloaded the Agent DVR and managed to get the camera (hikvision) connected.
I will say that the user guides really only tell you what the different bits do and not how to do something. Eventually got it posting an image up to my website every 5 minutes, perfect. Adjusted the size and all looks good.
I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something that works, and after an expensive year of replacing computers/tablets and buying a mesh wifi system, $129 for IPTimelapse for one camera is out of the question.
Now it says it does time lapse, but I haven't figured that out yet. Never done it before, but does iSpy do a timelapse video that will upload to my website? Just felt like doing something different.
Currently testing on my "main" PC that will get switched off at night before installing on the dedicated WX PC running Win10. The other option is to run it on a Linux Mint machine that runs a second weather station and part of my media setup.

Looks like iSpy does some sort of timelapse

That's iSpy Connect and not iSpy Agent, they look very different.

Use your Mint OS to do the time lapse.

This ( gives instructions for doing it on an RPi but the Mint procedure should be almost identical.

Interesting. I will investigate that for another day. Thanks.


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