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Another method for sending WeatherFlow Tempest data to PWSweather.


I know there are a few methods for sending Tempest data to PWSweather by using various hardware and software solutions.  I had another idea that utilizes the WeatherFlow API.  You can obtain an API access token to access your station data through your weatherflow account and in conjunction with a station setup on PWSweather you can put your Tempest station data on PWS.  This does require that a cron job be executed every 10 minutes or so.

Here is how it works:  It reads your station observation data from the WeatherFlow API.  It translates it into a url suitable for submission to the PWSweather API as a weather station. Finally, it submits the data to PWSweather.  It does this as a cron job with a recommended interval of every 10 minutes.

Like many on this forum I have a web hosting account that displays my personal weather station website.  It is capable of running PHP scripts as cron jobs.  I crafted a script and set it up to test this method.  So far the results are excellent.  My Tempest station is now on

I have published this script on my MRE Software website at:  It is the second script on the page and is free to copy and use.  In any event, I thought I would offer up the idea on the forums.  Perhaps someone wants to craft it in another language or run it on a local computer.  Enjoy!


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