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Is there a way for GRlevel3 to not constantly disconnect after being open for 3 days? Seems like I have to close and reopen because it stops updating and uploading to my server.


I am seeing the same issue here.... I guess some third party app like StartWatch can detect if it's hung/stopped....

I have seen this happen coincidentally when Windows start an update. Not sure if this is happening to you.

I have GRLevel3 running on two PC's to produce a local (zoomed-in) view and regional view ( and Sometimes it will run for weeks, sometimes for a few days. But it's interesting both stop receiving data at the same exact time, so at least I know it's not the software, it's the data feed. Always requires shutting GR down and restarting to reconnect the data feed. Mine's not associated with a Windows update since I do those manually. It's seems entirely random.

I only run it for a few hours at a time as storms are nearby.

I have no reason to run it full time.


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