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 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  The one pic is from my Reolink RLC 811A. It's a 4K  8MP camera. Notice how the  greens are more brown then green in color.
The other pic is from my cell phone camera. Notice how the greens are much more green. The cell phone pic was taken with the HDR off.
The images were cropped way down to fit on this forum.
My question is there an outdoor camera that can take video and pics with more vibrant colors like the cell phone pic above.
The display options on the Reolink only cover brightness and shadows. No saturation option to enhance the colors. I will say with the brightness adjustment you can adjust it to show more green but then the blue sky turns white. So that's not an option.
An internet search didn't come up with much. Unless I'm searching for the wrong thing.

I haven't got an answer to your question, but want to comment that most any phone or camera now has a set profile, done by the manufacturer, to produce an image that their engineers and marketing agents think is 'the best' or what the customer wants.

Note the intense red fringing in the white clouds that your sample images show.  That really isn't there, but often is a side effect of too much contrast setting.  I don't know of any way to get into the Reolink camera settings to fiddle with that, do you?

I have both an iPhone (from work, which was about the third one I've had) and the latest Samsung S22 when my old s8 gave up.

EXACTLY the same lighting and scene and such and the image they produce is vastly different.

I have a very well to do friend with just about the latest Canon camera and exquisite lenses and his images are far different from my Nikon D800, which isn't too shabby either.  There are some native settings, but even when I grab a .NEF or raw image, it is all in the eye of the beholder when I'm done fiddling with the Lightroom process (I'm too dumb to learn Photoshop, but I tried a couple times).

A comment on the Reolink.  I got one, then two more (I think with some pointers from you back about Christmas time) and initially thought the resolution was terrible, but then following sage advice here, adopted using the native display program from Reolink and got the fine detail and color using their display  and grab program.   About the time we got lots of pollen, the images on the cameras went to hell, making me think that for some reason I had inadvertently had  setting change going back to the less fine resolution. I cleaned the lens face a few times and reset all sorts of parameters (even though they showed OK in the choices) all to no avail.   

I would be interested in a camera system that also has a configurable color, sharpening, saturation setting so I'm interested in where this discussion will lead you to find other comments.

I have a different camera than yours a RLC-810a, and on the windows client there are settings for saturation under the advance option. I would think your RLC-811a camera would have it too.

Indeed there is, there are two brightness settings to be made, one under day color and then the settings, too.

I have auto focus set but may need to go back and try to figure out why I'm getting more of the fluent quality rather than the high resolution again.  Still got that problem.

I'll be interested if Ocala has a chance to play with those settings you mention to see if that helps his color problem.


--- Quote from: DaleReid on July 04, 2022, 01:56:45 PM ---
I have auto focus set but may need to go back and try to figure out why I'm getting more of the fluent quality rather than the high resolution again.  Still got that problem.

--- End quote ---
I think it all depends on how you're viewing and downloading your image. The three methods of android/IOS app, windows/mac client and which browser you use each act a little bit different. On the app theirs a hardware/software option to decode images that may be a problem depending which is being used. The browser may not be able to handle the higher resolution unless it has H265 capabilities.


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