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--- Quote from: PaulMy on August 05, 2022, 12:43:09 PM ---A few minutes ago I was able to see a number of stations on the App map, including mine (have to zoom in to get it to show).  And looks like the data is updated (was at 11:24 am and updating to 11:28 however that is an hour behind our EST).  Clicking on it says OFFLINE and the images are old.

Can't sign in to my account Dashboard

--- Quote ---Oops!! We could not find a BloomSky account using the provided credentials
If you see this from a Facebook login,
you may need to change your privacy
settings in Facebook.
--- End quote ---

A couple of weeks ago I found info on the Chinese firm that has taken it over.  I sent them an inquiry but haven't received a reply.


--- End quote ---

any update on this?

No reply at all.
However there appears to be some changes on BloomSky - The Story of Your Sky | Home site which has
An[/color] [/font] Portfolio Company[/font][/size]
including a link to portfolio | IDG Capital and which shows Bloomsky as one of their products. 

Maybe coming back?



I had found and sent an email to

--- Quote ---From:
Date: 7/25/2022 22:55
Subject: Bloomsky

I have been a Bloomsky user since February 2016  and my device has continued without interruption until recently.  I can no longer sign in to my Bloomsky account BloomSky Portal Login.  Will this be restored to full capability?
Thank you,

--- End quote ---
And received the following reply

--- Quote ---Bloomsky
Wed 10/26/2022 2:52 AM

Hello Paul,
I am sorry but we are not able to answer BloomSky queries. Kantian Tech is only cooperating with BloomSky in its Chinese businesses. We buy SKY and STORM sets from BloomSky and sell them to government and organisations in China. We are ready to answer any questions you may have for devices installed inside the territory of China. But if you are using the devices in countries other than China, please contact the BloomSky support team ( instead.
Kantian Tech

--- End quote ---

My one Bloomsky still sits on the fence and shows on my WiFi as an offline device, and the other in the surplus bin.


That stinks and mine still sits out in the garage hoping it comes back but I doubt it

for a while they were using the Amazon servers.  Maybe they can help.  I doubt it but it is worth the try.

I got rid of my camera long ago, it had issues, Bloomsky refused to offer suggestions.  I thought if I used it as a T-ball target, but just tossed it away


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