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The hardware is fine.  I'm hoping someone smart in the community can reverse engineer the payload so we can spoof the servers and keep the hardware/data flowing.

same here

Did get the app to do a reconnect (or so it says)....but the pic never updates...sad

I think someone already did something that may be helpful:

It looks like my Bloomsky is connected (as least the app said so when I did the reconnect) as the temp is still showing (correct?) on my app.  It's the pic that has stopped updating.

A few minutes ago I was able to see a number of stations on the App map, including mine (have to zoom in to get it to show).  And looks like the data is updated (was at 11:24 am and updating to 11:28 however that is an hour behind our EST).  Clicking on it says OFFLINE and the images are old.

Can't sign in to my account Dashboard

--- Quote ---Oops!! We could not find a BloomSky account using the provided credentials
If you see this from a Facebook login,
you may need to change your privacy
settings in Facebook.
--- End quote ---

A couple of weeks ago I found info on the Chinese firm that has taken it over.  I sent them an inquiry but haven't received a reply.



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