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Portable NWR recommendation


Im looking to buy a portable NWR with alert capability. Any recommendations?
Edit: If possible, I would like one with SAME configuration capability.

If you're just looking for alerts and warnings, your cell phone should suffice:

Receiving Alerts Away from Home

Wireless Emergency Alerts are not subscription based and there is no need to provide personal information to be able to receive a WEA. WEAs are based on location. You will receive a WEA message, even if you are:

    In an area where you don't live
    Outside the area where your phone is registered

If you travel into an area after a WEA was sent your WEA-capable device will receive the message, if the alert is still active.

Cell phone will also get forecasts, but you may have to load a program for that.  There are several available, some free, some with small fees.

I use Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather

If you want something else, well .....

Personally, I don't see much need for NWS radio any more.


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