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Ecowitt HP2551 and PWSWeather



Sorry if this has bbeen asked before but I have searched on this forum for hours.

I would like to sync my Ecowitt HP2551 to PWSWeather. I have looked and cannot find how to do it.

I have it connected to other providers but the iOS app Carrot - works with PWS


The way I did it was using CumulusMx which runs on Windows and Linux

Once its set up you can add a number of weather services like PWS Weather, Windy and AWEKAS as 'Third Party Uploads' and CMX will do it all for you after you have set up accounts with them

In your case I believe you would also need to purchase a GW1100/1000 gateway unit to collect/relay data from your sensors to CMX, just make sure it is the same frequency as your existing sensors

There are other options that perform a similar function like FOSHKPlugin which runs on Linux and can use the custom server upload feature on your console

Brilliant help.  Thank you

Wow, this that app more intense than I initally thought


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