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I have been using WSV3 to track storms in Oklahoma. I had my loop in the upper right corner set to 6 hours. I waited about an hour or two and clicked the play button to watch the loop of accumulated data. The timestamp and frame switched to the time/frame that I started tracking, however, a second or less later, it immediately skipped forward and I could only watch like 15-25 minutes in my loop instead of the full 6 hours. I chocked it up as a bug or something and set it up to run while I was at work today. I came up, and the exact same thing happened again. I don't know if its dumping my data or what. Does anybody have any advice with this?

Also, is it possible to save all of the data I record in a session so I can view it later? I scoured the instruction manual and couldn't figure it out.

Edit: I should also mention I was recording Nexrad level 2 data.


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