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Drone over Andover, KS

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The from-the-air viewpoint is the best since the KSTP helicopter video from Minneapolis area a couple decades ago or so.

I wonder what kind of drone was used.  The thing stayed put until they started dollying along to the left.  I would have though the turbulence that close to a tornado would have been throwing it around all over the place.

 :shock:WOW!! :shock:

Absolutely stunning footage from my boy Reed Timmer's drone. Looked to be multi-vortex. Wow.

Even if the drone was being buffeted some, the camera gimbal would sort that out. I have the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and a DJI Mini 2 and even the mini would have been ok at that distance, looking at the trees below when zoomed out, its prob pushing 30-35mph gusts max, that's about max for the Mini 2 in sports mode, the Phantom is good for 40-45mph max gusts. WOuld have loved to capture that myself but, wow, how scary...


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