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"could not open communication port" after moving vws install

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Yes, I did run as admin and yes, when I unplugged the usb cable the "missing" driver disappeared and reappeared when plugged back in so I feel it is that one driver I need.  Maybe Davis instruments will have the driver when I call them today, since it is 'their' serial > USB cable.

Well after a LOT of research, trial and errors, testing, I finally figured out my issue and it's working now.
Posting this in hopes this will help someone else.
I also notice in my original post I put that I built a new Windows 10 box, but I mistyped and should be Windows 11 but I'm guessing this works on a new Windows 10 install too.
I appreciate the responses here.

This fix is for a Vantage pro 2, wireless console with a serial-usb data logger.

After upgrading to Windows 11:
1. click on the "USB-Serial Controller D" driver listed that shows yellow warning and then click update driver
2. click browse my computer for drivers
3. click let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer
4. Scroll down to ports
5. Scroll down to microsoft, then choose "USB-Serial modem device) 

Garth Bock:
I wasn't specific enough. You can do the same thing by going to Windows Updates. ( I am assuming this is the same or similar in Win11 ) Run updates even if you already have. Look for the link below the Check For Updates that says View Optional Updates and click on it. You should see on the next page Driver Updates. Click on the words even though it is not highlighted. You should see any Microsoft Driver updates there. Check the box (es) an and click download and install. If the driver for the device is not listed there then you have to go to the manufacturer website.

Glad you got it working. VWS is a great program. I like that you can configure your own display.

I never saw the optional updates that you mentioned and since this is a new build I've done about 5 updates to get all of Windows updated.  Maybe it's different for Windows 11.
I have a side problem now about auto starting VWS.
I've ticked the box that says start with windows but it never does.  I checked the task manager to be sure it wasn't running in the background, it wasn't.
I've tried adding it to the task scheduler but, it never shows up on screen but MWS does show as a running process.  Nor sure why it doesn't come up on screen.
Any thoughts on this to get it to properly auto run on windows startup?

I should say that I've had VWS running for several years on my Windows7, and later, Windows 10 box... now Windows 11 so I do have all of the html screens build and local data collection over the years.

You could probably install StartWatch.  The developer made it free when he retired.  That's what I use to monitor my started programs.


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