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Storms Dudley and Eunice UK

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Two more of the 'named' storms coming up for us tomorrow.  The first one is headed for the North of the UK and the second one comes more South.  I'm wondering what wind gusts will be recorded.  There is no named storm today but I am in a very windy part of the UK (Cornwall) and it is very windy today.  Overnight I recorded a gust of 51.7 mph and look at this from an our ago! 

I'm not sure I entirely believe this value but it is very windy indeed this morning. 

Hold on to your hat! Or hair?

we are just down the road

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Too late!  :-)


--- Quote from: box on February 15, 2022, 08:56:30 AM ---we are just down the road

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How interesting!  [tup]  My gust was 11.17am.  I have actually emailed ecowitt this morning because it see seem to be stretching the bounds of credulity that I could always be the windiest place in Cornwall even counting the Lizzard Peninsula.  On the Ecowitt map I couldn't find anyone with a gust stronger than about 35 mph.  I even looked at the offshore buoys.  I guess you are not on the Ecowitt map.  I am in a really exposed position and I do have the station on the roof so there may be some acceleration due to the roof slope.  We'll see what tomorrow brings..   


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