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Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas,

I just installed another Davis Sensor Transmitter to use with a soil temperature probe.  It's showing up on my Davis console as station 3 temp.  (which I setup).  But when I try to display the station 3 temp in VWS it's nothing but zeros.  Is there something I'm missing?  Do I need to tell VWS there's another station?  Thank you.


Just to clarify, the transmitter ID you use is set by the dip switches in the remote transmitter. You mentioned this is #3. The temp and humidity values that VWS returns are called "Channel X Temperature" or "Channel X Humidity" where 'X' is between 1 and 4. These values come from the corresponding position you plug the temp/humidity sensor wires into in the remote transmitter. On my system, my transmitter uses ID #3. I have 2 temp and humidity sensors in the first 2 sensor slots of each type. These show up in VWS as Channel 1 Temperature, Channel 1 Humidity, Channel 2 Temperature, and Channel 2 Humidity.



Thank you!  I was beating my head against the wall with VWS.  I thinking it would be Channel 3 temp!  Thanks for your response.


Hi Steve,
If you don't mind I have one more question.   :grin: :grin: Are the channel one temperatures not in tenths of degrees?  For example my outside temp will show 48.2 etc  The soil probe shows 48.0 degrees.  I have it set for one decimal place but it's always zero.  Same way on the Davis Console.  It's no big deal, just curious.  Thanks.


Garth Bock:
Check this thread. Hope it helps.


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