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Good Afternoon,
I just purchased the WR400 yesterday and set it up. My SAME code is correct, the Voice alert is set, and the volume is turned up. Last night when the weekly test was performed, the audible and voice alert was never set off. However, the Adivisory light was flashing. Any suggestions ?
Thanks !

I'm pretty sure that is normal behavior for the newer Midland receivers. 

I have/had 2 of these radio and the alerts just don't work. Weekly test don't work. Tried everything possible, all areas all alerts and still nojoy. Lights didn't flash and no sound alert.

Disappointing. Returning to Amazon.

Try setting the National Audible Test and the National Periodic Test as well as the Required Monthly Test and the the Required Weekly Test to 'On':

Eric in East County:
I am also a new owner of a WR400 which just arrived today (8-1-2023).  Although Iím one of those people who is easily intimidated by modern technology, I had no problems setting it up for my state and county and weather radio frequency.

Question: Do I also have to manually enter the S.A.M.E. County Code or is that done automatically when I enter the county?


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