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Can not set correct time

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Same kind of issues:

Paste from Station page; Data at: 28.11.2021 22:05 ( = local time: 22:05)

My local time is UTC +13, so above should be 10:05

(UTC here was 27.11.2021 21:05 at paste time); This is selected at bottom right of Display Settings panel

My WOW page shows time correctly:

Observation Time

10:20 | 28 Nov 2021 (GMT +13:00)
21:20 | 27 Nov 2021 (GMT)

(No screenshot because image URL not accepted)

I have not been able to get an answer from AWEKAS on this. If you open your weather station in Weather Maps and view Weather data the time is correct. At the moment the time in the Station panel reads 3:05 am and actual time is 1:05 PM.

I am glad I am not the only one puzzling over this!

As far as I can see everything leaves my station with the correct time

The station panel has a display setting timezone bottom right

For me (Europe/London) that is incorrect Data at: 29.12.2021 xx:xx  it is GMT-1

followed by incorrect local time in brackets (= local time: xx:xx) also GMT-1

If you set any other display setting time zone it changes but the local time does not, which is presumably the correct action, but that local time is still wrong

The display time seems to be an hour out pretty consistently - is this an aretefact of summer time ending?
The information panel has the correct update time 1 hour on (GMT)


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