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Question: pi3b+ RTL-SDR with tim273's scripts, not seeing mount points


Hey everyone,

I am trying to spin up a pi3b+ with tim273's weather_radio_scripts.  Keeping everything as written and default, I am not getting any mount points.  rtl_fm is working fine(, but localhost:8000 does not show any mount points.  darkice status is good, icecast2 status is good.

Any clues on what could have missed?

I'm no expert for sure.  But port 8000 is the icecast server that should be running on that pi.  You may need to try to re-install that.

Technically, you wouldn't need Icecast.  You could try setting it up to use the NOAAWEATHERRADIO.ORG site.  Scroll down to "getting it live to the web" section.  It'll show the server you need to add to your darkice config file. 

Just follow the naming scheme for your location.

Thank you sir.  I was hoping to test the stream quality local cast before asking for it to be added to

Is there a way to test the setup local?

Only through an Icecast server.  So unless you want to put Icecast on some other PC on your network, which is easy, you'll need to put it on the PI.

Windows Install is pretty basic if you wanted to try it.  Just delete the folder when done.  That's pretty much it.


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