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Alternative maps for Lightning 2000

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Michael M:
You may need to find some that has that map region and send it to you
I don’t have that map region
Anyone got a Lightning 2000 map file for that region?

Ι found one but end of August. Thanks God im lucky a greek have it.
I will wait come back from vacations. I think i can center to my city because  he live in other city in Greece.
Thanx Michael

Michael M:
That’s Great!
I am glad you found one
When you get it let me know please
Yes you will be able to recenter to your location

Good evening to all.
I would like to ask if anyone has a map of Europe or the Balkans that contains Greece in .amf format so that they can send it to me by email because I have downloaded the Lightning 2000 program but I do not have a map of Greece and the surrounding area.


Larissa Greece


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