Author Topic: WL 5.8.3 and CWOP upload issues  (Read 1892 times)

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WL 5.8.3 and CWOP upload issues
« on: May 07, 2009, 11:45:20 PM »
Hey Guys,

  I just joined so I am learning as I go.  I just installed a wireless Davis Vantage Pro Plus about 2 months ago and it seems to be talking to my VP2 console without any issues.  I wanted to send data to CWOP so I registered for that and purchased a wireless envoy for the computer room and connected my usb data logger to it.  It is set to download from the ISS every 10 minutes which it seems to do with out any problems (it shows a 100% recpt).  However, when I go to upload APRS data to the CWOP servers (Every 15 min) I can go a couple of hours without a problem and then I sporadically get the message below....

04/25/09 11:53a (Old Stage Rd Weather Station) Unable to upload Data Upload Profile(s) 1  because of errors. See error messages below.
04/25/09 11:53a (Old Stage Rd Weather Station) Error reading data from the Station.

I am running WL 5.8.3 on a Win XP machine and I updated the Envoy firmware to 1.8.2

Here is the latest console diagnostics

Console Diagnostics  04/25/09  12:43p
Firmware Version: 1.82
Total Received:  17865
Total Resynchs: 0
Total Misses:  34
Max in a Row: 1426
CRC Errors: 6
% Good:  100%
Console Battery:  4.84 V

I even offset my uploads to CWOP to 8 minutes after the hour so I didn't conflict with the downloads to my PC which occur 5 minutes after the hour 4 different times a day. 

Any ideas what the issue might be?
CWOP ID DW2668   Weatherunderground ID KMDGLENB4