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StrikeStart network to shut down 28-Feb-2021

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I received the following on 14-Jan-2021:

--- Quote ---After weighing options, we have come to the decision to simultaneously shut down the two remaining StrikeStar networks in Europe and North America.

StrikeStar will cease all operations on February 28 2021.

I would like to thank everyone who supported and participated in this network and hope to see some of you join the Microsferics TOA network, once we get that fully rolled out lat0er this year.

Rick and Relko
--- End quote ---

Since WASP2 also uses StrikeStar data, it will no longer work after 28-Feb-2021.   I'm supposing we can just shut off the StrikeLink app (sends to StrikeStar from NexStorm).  NexStorm should continue to work with the Boltek detector locally.. just no sending of data to the StrikeStar network.

They seem to be focusing on their TOA offering (microsferics), and Boltek detectors seem to be harder to come by now.

Kind of a bummer. Have to see what the cost is for Relko's new interface. Otherwise will have to wait for my turn on Blitzortung to get a lightning detection kit. I'm at 1572. Should get one someday.. :shock:....Thanks for the update Ken.

Maumelle Weather:
It is a bummer. I had contemplated getting a Boltek, but held off due to its cost. I am curious about the TOA offering, especially since it no longer requires a Boltek, but did not see any additional info on their website regarding pricing, ordering, etc.

We've seen diminished interest in StrikeStar and lost a significant number of people in the past few years. The European network got two (2) new participants in the past 3 years and the North American network hasn't fared too well either. So the decision to close it now was a no-brainer.

Microsferics has been live since 2015 but due to my engineer jumping ship a year ago, just in time for the big launch, we weren't able to expand the network further at the time. Since then I found a new guy and we are now in the final stages of developing a shiny new and superior TOA sensor system for Microsferics. Estimated launch is during spring this year, providing all tests pan out well.

I obviously don't have any pricing yet but this is supposed to be a low cost option which means affordable to most hobbyists. As such it will end up well below the cost of a Boltek system and probably slightly more than a Blitzortung system (which I honestly don't know the cost of, just guessing here...). The device is shipped pre-assembled, CE/FCC compliant and comes with a proper E-field sensor included.

Also note that this does not affect my long term support for Boltek in any way. As a matter of fact, a new BETA version of NexStorm was recently made available on our support forum and next in line is a StormVue NGX companion app update that includes a replacement for the now defunct Adobe Flash client. Boltek lives on although the market has shifted more towards Africa and Asia these days, so there is no reason for me to abandon this project. Please do not email Boltek asking questions about any Astrogenic Systems projects as they are not involved in any planning or decision making.

 So Boltek/Nexstorm will be a local to the users sensor range with StormVue for web page visual? Much appreciated response Relko..


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