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Radio Shack (Realistic brand) weather radios from the 1980s

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Anyone remember these where the ALERT "siren" is just that, sounds similar to RED ALERT from the original Star Trek?!

Loved that sound.  I know the tremolo hi/lo wig wag whatever you call it they have now probably can be heard by human (and dog!) ears further away, that siren noise just was something else to have!

Caution if you have headphones!

Garth Bock:
I had one of these....

I had the cube one too.
Brings back memories listening too when storms approached when was kid with first weather station science set kit.

Thanks for sharing..

Mine was the Weather Radio Alert with LED clock, cat no. 12-153.

It's on page 150 of the 1983 catalog:


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Holy tech flashback Batman!...and I just started on it!  :-)


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