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Yes I'm still running VWS... :-) :-)  On Friday my METAR reports quit working.  There is nothing on the METAR Observation Report, does anyone have any ideas?  Wait a few days? 

On another subject, what software would be good to migrate to?  I only use the html tags from VWS, the history and NOAA reports. 


Same problem here with Hamweather

Both VWS and Hamweather may be relying on http access to site which now only accepts https or ftp requests.  Since Ed hasn't updated VWS in multiple years, it's not likely to get fixed, and I think the Hamweather scripts are now out of support too.

It may be time to switch to a different weather software .. CumulusMX is nice, free and supported.  Weather-Display is great with a one-time fee and highly supported.

Thanks for the information saratogaWX

Since you seem to know those 2 softwares, do they aloow ftp download and upload? Do they both have the possibility to use templates to upload local observations to a website with personalised weather icon and finally, do they allow to download NOAA data and use it to generate a weather icon? Lots of questions, but which software is most likely to offer the same features or more than VWS.

The scary thing is that i have all this data since 2006 using VWS and so much on my site is based on this. I am scared switching all of this over to something new....


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