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My pws metar jpg is stuck


VWS 15 p05 on win 7 ult 64 w sp1 - my pws metar jpg file stopped updating 10/18/2020 16:00, even tho the metar.text file shows current metar fro my station ktxhoust78. The other two metar jpgs khou and kmjc are updating normally. I send data to Hamweather Weather4You PWS weather and WU and CWOP. Data is current on all their sites.

My metar settings source is hamweather -- i emailed their support twice but no response so far. Any ideas  -- Yes I have rebooted several times.


Garth Bock:
I have VWS v15 and when my Metars on the screen have stopped I found the only way to get them going was to switch it to NOAA and force an Update Now. Then switch back to Hamwesther and do another Update Now. That seems to usually get things going. I haven't looked into the why this happens.

So I did as you suggested and the KTXHOUST78.txt METAR file was correctly updated - but the jpg generated from it is from two days ago - when one metar jpg was just randomly created.

I realize this is what I get running EOL hardware and software - but I sure would like to get it working as it was before Nov 2020! NO changes in OS (win 7) or system or drivers --- only the weather! :)

A little more detail -- It appears that VWS is downloading the metar for KTXHOUST78 from HAMWEATHER (Aeris) and generating a KTXHOUST78.TXT file on schedule in the c:\vws\metar directory, along with the two airport metars I download. However, the airport metars also have a corresponding csv file generated at the same time as their txt files. If I restart vws , then the KTXHOUST78 also generates both a txt and a csv, but the csv file never updates after that while the txt does.the ICON2.jpg displays the information listed at the time of the csv file and not that in the txt file.

Any guidance to further troubleshoot and fix this would be tremendously appreciated!

It sure would be nice to have a technical manual for vws - what files it uses to generate these jpgs, etc. - so we could at least have somewhere to start when things go wrong. :sad:  If I have missed where the info about the c:\vws\metar directory files are described feel free to cane me in the right direction ---- #-o


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