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Detection performance in mountaineous region


I am considering a purchase of the LD-250 system. My location is in the valley and surrounded by hills an mountains ranging from 2000-5000 ft. I understand the detection range will not be as good as in flat regions but still am interested how much to expect?
I currently own an AS3935 which reports strikes in ~5-15 miles range.
Does anyone has a Boltek installed in a similar landscape? I'd appreciate any feedback.
Thank you.

This is the first answer to my own question after getting the LD-250. There was no storm close to my place yet but there were few farther away. General direction was captured quite well! After the storms come closer, I will report back again.

I have a question regarding false positives: the detector triggers to the heater and other unknown sources. Excluding the heater switch ON/OFF, I would get e.g. 10 or 20 (probably) false strikes per day. Does this sound OK or should the detector be silent (0 false strikes)?

10 or 20 false strikes a day isnít bad at all. Unfortunately, thereís noise out there and not every location is 100% quiet.
Also, check out the Astrogenic forum. You may get better exposure there.

Thanks, I've registered there and already got replies to this question.


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