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Anyone know what these switch settings control? And how to test a 400 MHz board


With Rainwise no longer selling anything  but the LR versions, I have a couple of stations that I'm trying to keep running if I can.

One was at a friend's place, and I thought that it was a battery/solar panel problem that was keeping data from being transmitted.

so far the battery is OK, On/Off switch works, and I trace voltage to several places on the board.  I note that there is a switch, as shown in the photo, with two sliders. This is supposedly (and I think it is) a 433 MHz board, and therefore should not be able to select which one of four station IDs to associate with it, as you can the LR board.

It has a 'long' antenna, and the transmitter board at the bottom has three wires to it, a black, white and red that plug into the blue board, which is sparsely populated.  It doesn't look at all like the ZeeBee board in another unit I have.

So is there a way to 'listen' to a frequency (I don't have a spectrum analyzer) to see if there is a 'buzz' or some other indication that a data packet were transmitted?  If the ISS is working alright, I'd have to see if the receiver/display/Oracle is OK as the next step in trouble shooting.
Thanks for any help.  Dale


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