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Looks like my Bloomsky is out :(

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Since the -35F cold last week my bloomsky don't like cold weather. Now It just went below freeing and it is offline again. I may go up on the roof and bring it in to see if it come 2 life again.

I will never buy one again. I had many problems with this thing since I got it. :(

I threw mine in the garbage

As I recently mentioned both of mine are still outside and doing ok but have periodic spikes/drops in humidity data

Our temperature last week at -26.3C is not as low as yours but still pretty cold.


Just had my new replacement go bad after 30 days.  That makes 4 cameras I have gone through since they first cam out.  I guess I will throw in the towel now.  Funny thing, I have a simple D-Link 932L outdoors wrapped in Gorilla tape that has worked for 2 years.

Looks like mine is dead too, I am getting data but no picture.  I got about 2 1/2 years out of it.


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