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I think I already know the answer to this, but has anybody found a way to run VWS in 4k resolution that uses the entire screen rather than the upper left quarter of the screen?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Wow! That is weird. I haven't been on the forum for at least a year, had a question, and it is right here - top of the list.

Anyway, I too, bought a large (32") UHD monitor and VWS comes up as tiny. I'd like to be able to get it near full screen like my 24" monitor but the black background area will only go so big. However, it can be made a little wider. All of my other apps are normal - but larger of course.

I'm suspicious about uninstalling and re-installing since Ambient has changed their log-in requirements and I'm likely not registered anymore.

Is there anyway to get that black background "blackboard" to display larger. Then I could resize the data modules to larger without a problem.

The only way I've found to change the VWS size is to change the resolution of the monitor. Oh, well.

Wish somebody would pick up the patent or license for VWS and update/upgrade it. Nothing compares IMO. Tried Weather Display and gave up halfway through the set up.

GWD -- that was the conclusion I came to also. I agree they should open source the code and let others do the updates, etc.

Have a good and safe New Year!



I don't know if the old email address for the owner is still good but I tried to send him an email to request that he opensource the VWS source code so that others can continue making updates to it and adding features.

This issue with the 4K monitors is very annoying.  :-|


P.S. So far at least my email has NOT been returned as undeliverable . I'll be sure to update this topic if/when I hear back from the author.


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