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MADIS Aircraft Weather Map


From the following article it shows a thumbnail screenshot of what looks to be very much like the MADIS Surface Map but instead this is the MADIS Aircraft Observation Display. You can read more about it in the article. I tried following links and searching and I can't find this map anywhere.

I would like to know how to access or find this map online. Anyone know? I can't make out the URL in the screenshot either. I looks like the entire URL is almost identical to the MADIS Surface Map URL. I'm pretty this much is true:

What could the ending be?....I've tried /MadisAircraft  /MadisAirplane but they don't work. I just can't make out the letters. Here it is zoomed in to the URL:
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Article with screenshot:

Screenshot (with blurry URL):
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The interface looks very much like the MADIS Surface Map:

Looks like you have to apply for access?

Thank you! It seems like a lot of work filling out that application for access inside the link you posted. The application has a lot of variables to check and even though I see it lists the ABO access (I don't know if I could benefit for checking more).  I suppose I wouldn't even know how useful or what to do with this if I managed to gain access. I was just poking around and found this and I thought it might be interesting to explorer. But now it becomes more than just poking around and it seems like you need to know how to ask for access and how to use it.

If anyone manages to gain access and knows how to use this please share in its usefulness to weather hobbyist and how you did it.


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