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Metar server down ?

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More then half the requests for a METAR from result in errors since yesterday.


Errors such as Connection reset by peer or a timeout, even after 10 seconds.

Any ideas?
Is there another source for raw METAR data?

The METAR is used to get current-weather-conditions (CCN) for weather-sites using a weather-program which does not supply CCN


P.S. Leuven-Template users can switch to Yahoo to get CCN by changing the appropriate setting.

Same here, I've been seeing it often hangs site for about 10 seconds when it occurs.
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Went ahead and comment out // conditions metar for now.  It's been bad all day. Really last month or more. :sad:

I'm surprised others haven't noticed , if they have not much is being mentioned or maybe it's just my region again.  I went as far as ordering a solar sensor trying to get away from METAR altogether.

Looks like the server is back running.. maybe they are moving stuff around to new servers ?!?.. didn't see any pre-outage notices on the NWS mailing list.

Looks like metar server is down again.


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