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End Of Service For Acurite Hub

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Jack Bowman:
So, will this affect the ethernet capture aspect of Kevin's software? How many hours does it take the hub to quite transmitting data if it does not receive a response from Acurite's server?  Anyone spoofing the DNS know what this timing is?

my smarthub hasn't talked to myacurite in two years. i use the 'Local Responder Script' in this sub.
smarthub needs to receive the time or your rain day and rain 24 hours will not work properly.
it does stop the 18 second reporting and goes into a standby mode of trying every few minutes.

Jack Bowman:
Good information. Thank you. So it looks like spoofing a simple response from the server will do the trick.

So a month ago I bought 2 smart hubs and now Acurite is telling me that they will not work beyond Aug 2018. BUT if I want to pay them another 80 bucks they will provide a similar service for a new hardware package.

Sounds like bait and switch to me. Since my units are covered by a one year warranty, I asked about warranty replacement and the customer service rep told me "sorry", that I could purchase the new units for and additional $80.

So it appears Acurite is stopping service for a class of users to force them to purchase new more expensive hardware and not honoring the warranty on the hardware that they are currently selling.

Anybody interested in joining a class action lawsuit against these turkeys?

Jack Bowman:
So Kevin, How hard is it to have your software send a spoofed server response? Is it even possible with the current configuration of software?


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