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Will there be a version for the Access?

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Just wondering if you were working on a version for the Acurite Access since it's the hardware that's currently replacing the Smart HUB, and I'm sure that one day the HUB will be extinct.  Since the Access just recently became available, I'm sure you haven't had much time yet to look into it. 

Just wondering if it's a possibility. 

Jack Bowman:
I don't believe the "Atlas" is available as of yet.  There is also the issue that it has been reported that the data stream is encrypted. This would make parsing it extremely difficult.

On the test version, the data is encrypted. I hope the new models that are going out are not, but I don't think anyone has tested them yet?

Even if you dance around the encryption problem, data is only sent to myAcurite in 5-minute intervals, so that may not be terribly useful.

Sniffing the wunderground stream makes more sense as it is not encrypted and sent in real-time.  The disadvantage is that you'll only be able to pick up data from one sensor.

retrieving data from the device will be the new hotness  :evil:


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