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getting cvs files

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thank u so much that will help me out a lot

Jack Bowman:
Sorry okieman98, I have been missing in action lately. I did get your private message. I will answer any questions you have here on the open forum as it might benefit others as well. Sounds like you have made some great progress!


thanks jack , the only reason i sent it that way was kinda ashamed  :oops:   i did not know the basic stuff like that, but learning quickly u guys are so advanced and really know your stuff fro a new guy yall kinda talk above our  heads but thats understandable. we have to catch up. and ask those stupid question yall may have talked about many times. but anyway i am impressed with what the software has to offer. i have weather display working now but not real happy with it because the display is small in one corner and have not been able to make it full screen to read there any more software i can use to read the cvs data that is better then what i have got. trying to take it one step at a time so i can make sure i know how it works, have a starter cam coming and i want to connect to nws to up load data. which i will start on tomorrow

thanks again jeff


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