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Use Kevin's SmartHub Reader without bridging network adapters

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I like more reliable posting to WU and choice of other weather sites from Kevin's program, mix of sensors and offsets, etc.
This might be simpler to set up hardware wise, but is more complicated from network configuration perspective. 
Setup of Kevin's is the same except no step 1 of bridging adapters.
What we want to do is get the SmartHub to get a local IP address when it looks up myacurite instead of the "real" internet address.
The SmartHub needs to receive its DHCP configuration that sets the DNS server to your local router. A lot of routers have options for host overrides, DNS forwarding etc. search for your model to see if it is possible and how to do it.

Redirect the host to the local computer running Kevin's software so the SmartHub connects to it.

Ideally, the Windows machine running Kevin's program will not use the local DNS and be able to look up the real internet IP of
If that isn't possible, you could use an ip address instead of   in the command below, but the IP may change and you'd have to update your command.

Using ncat from   we can listen on port 80, and then relay it to myacurate.   
In a command prompt, run:
ncat -e "ncat 80" -l 80 -k
-l 80  listens on port 80 (http/web)
-k keep listening
-e  executes another ncat command to connect to myacurite to send the data from SmartHub, and receive the response back.

WU should be disabled in MyAcurite and you want to check that the settings have been cleared from your SmartHub by viewing its webpage before starting to send from Kevin's.

It's also possible to use Kevin's without posting to myacurite at all  :eek:. It is again more complicated, but you can avoid forced firmware updates and have more choice about how you use your equipment and data. The average consumer is fine to be locked into Acurite's world, but I think most people coming to this forum want more.

Internet Connection Sharing will also work - without redirecting DNS or any extra programs.
Still requires two network adapters, but is an alternative to bridging in Windows.

I'm trying to carefully set this up but have zero expertise in networking. Any advice would be appreciated greatly!

Inside my router-- (D-Link DSL -2750B Wireless Gateway) I get to this page:

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Should I create a new static connection here?

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Is the device ID on the bottom of the aculink the MAC address? And where would I find the IP address?

I'm trying to carefully set this up but have zero expertise in networking. Any advice would be appreciated greatly!

You are on the right track.  Give it a name  - "SmartHub"; use an IP address currently not in use, like n.n.n.108; and use the device ID on the bottom of the hub - 12 characters, two at a time. Reboot the router to be sure it sticks - check the same page again.

I entered all the info and the router told me the MAC address and IP already exists in the router database which is listed as:

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I looked up static lease type in the router manual but this wasn't defined anywhere.

So my router is already seeing the aculink bridge. Hopefully this is a good thing!?


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