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I can’t get Kevin’s software to see the SmartHUB. I’ve installed the necessary software and bridged the two LAN connections (I think). I’ve included pictures to show what I’ve done. One picture is my dedicated Lenovo Windows 10 stick computer screwed to the bottom of my desk. It is attached to an HDMI cable and a 4:1 USB expander.  As you can see, there are 2 USB to LAN adapters and a 2.4 GHz keyboard dongle attached. Either USB to LAN adapters work fine connected to the internet via my router. When the SmartHub is connected to “Ethernet 3” I see the activity LED on the adapter flashing indicating the hub is active. When I do Setup on Kevin’s software I see 3 choices for a bridged connection…Microsoft, and 2 “Supereal” which I think are the names of the generic adapters.  I’ve included a screen shot of the bridged connections as well as the 3 choices in the drop down box. I’ve tried all three choices for more than 5 minutes and none work.  The software just says “Waiting for the bridge data. If this takes more than…”
I am new to bridging, but it seems like I should be bridged to the computer and not my router but I don’t know what to do about it.
Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks

hi hardinj - do you see data is being posted to MyAcurite?

Jack Bowman:
Good starting point WonderWX !

Yes, it posts to Acurite if I connect the hub to a port on my router. As verification, you can see the data and a webcam image on WU...KCASANFR98.
For what it's worth I eventually want to do a Weather Display website.  I had one up years ago using an Oregon Scientific station but it wasn't reliable. 
thanks, Jim

If it stops posting to MyAcurite when you have it going through the windows10 bridged connection, it may not be getting an IP address.
From your stick computer, You can try to run arp -a from the Command Prompt (Start / Programs /  Windows System   or windows-r  and run CMD).
In the  Physical Address column  look for your acurite smarthub,  24-c8-6e-xx-xx-xx
You should be able to ping the IP address and connect to the smarthub using a web browser at its ip address.
If you have a laptop or another computer you can plug in to the adapter you have been trying the smarthub on, you can see if it obtains an IP address and can connect to the internet (and specifically
You can also run ipconfig /all  to see your IP configuration


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