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The following two paragraphs are taken directly from the FreeWX website:

FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi are full featured Windows programs to collect, display, store and upload weather data from electronic weather stations made by Oregon Scientific. Weather stations supported are the WM-918 hard wired station and the identical Radio Shack WX-200 rebadged version as well as the WMR-918/928/968 wireless stations and the corresponding Radio Shack 63-1016 (Accuweather) rebadged version. Sadly it appears that sometime around June 2003 Oregon Scientific stopped manufacturing the very popular WM-918 hard wired station.

The programs are available in two different versions. These are the original FreeWX for the WM-918/WX-200 hard wired stations and FreeWX-Wi for the WMR-918/928/968 and 63-1016 wireless stations. You must use the correct version for the type of station you intend to use.[/list]
The URL for this software is as follows:


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