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1.9.14 (
This version is the last of the 1.x series.  It supports Video-for-Windows (VfW) video feed drivers only.

2.0.13 (
This is the latest of the 2.0 (beta) series.  It's been around for a couple years now so it's hard to still call it beta.  I'll drop the beta once it becomes re-enumerated as 2.1.
2.0 supports VfW (Menu/Video/Video Feed Setup *or* Menu/Video/Configure Input Devices/VfW (Obsolete)) -- the latter actually supports additional frame formats not supported in the original Video Feed Setup (i.e. you don't need to select an RGB frame anymore).
2.0 also supports the more modern DirectShow drivers (Menu/Video/Configure Input Devices/Video Capture) and is recommended for USB web cams.

2.0 is the only version that supports more than one video device using USB ports (you can still use a PCI + USB on 1.9).


1.0.14 (


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