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I've installed a new Davis Vantage Pro and all is working fine.
But one thing looks not completly ok for me.

The Wind Speed in the strip chart will update ca. all 6 to 9 seconds.
On the console there are more updates (every 2,5 sec) of the wind speed an it seems that vws only get every second update.

is there something to change in the software?

thanks for answers.
chris from austria

If you want to watch the wind in more real time on the computer you have to use the WeatherLink Software as weatherlink doesn't use the dll file to get it wind data VWS you can turn the cpu resources to high might help (but on my old machine it just kill everything else that is running)

setting up the cpu didn't change anything.

sorry but i do not want to change the software to weatherlink or anything else.
maybe there is a solution in the future - for now i have to accept this... :(

Andy Thompson:
Ah ha! I when I was first learning about how these programs work, I had this exact same question. Now I would be more that willing to help you!
Are you using only VWS for monitoring the weather? If so, I can show you a way to get VWS to update almost simultaneously with the console. 

Oh sound good!
I use VWS to monitor the Weather and send the jpg's to my ftp server.
And I also take every month the data2.csv to make a month review.

Also I use Weather Flash and Email Alerts if something happens.

What do I have to do?

Thanks for your help!   :grin:


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