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I'm not sure how to contact the author of Vitual Weather Station so I thought if I posted on here, he might see, or someone could direct me how to contact him. I currently run VWS with my Oregon Scientific unit and it works great! I am beta-testing one of the new Acurite 01050 units. Being a National Weather Service meteorologist, I am quite picky with my data, and thus far have been quite pleased with the Acurite system with its new internet bridge. At this time, the bridge only sends data to Weather Underground every 15 minutes, and data to its own Acu-Link website. I suspect that these low-cost units will get alot more people into the hobby, and I would love to see Virtual Weather Station support this station in the near future!!!

Chris Collins

As of now, the Acurite units don't support 3rd party software.  However, according to a post in the Acurite forum here:
they are working on it. You could try mailing to let him know it's something you would like added when possible.


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