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Which is the better out of these?

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I have been looking into getting my first station and have been looking at a few Lacrosse ones and one Oregon Scientific Weather Station. The OS one is the
WMR100 and then I have been looking at the Lacrosse, WS-1612AL-IT, and the
Does anyone know which would be best to get?
This will be for home so my daughter and I can start this hobby together.
If this works out and she really enjoys this, I will probably upgrade to a Davis later this next summer.
Any help will help. Thanks.

At another forum I belong to. There have been alot of complaints about communication problems with the WMR-100. For about $60 more you might consider the WMR-968. Or even better. Save you cash as just get the Davis.


Unless you want 2 weather stations, and you can already afford to purchase the Davis this summer, just buy it now. If neither of you like the hobby, I'm sure you could unload the station to someone in this forum...

Something else you might want to consider, are all or any of the stations you're considering supported by the software you're going to use?

I believe they all have software for them. The OS needs to be downloaded on their website though.
How does Honeywell stack up to the others?


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