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Data via API key, 'access denied'


* sigh *

Just when I think IBM has run out of ways to screw WU up, this starts happening:  Can't pull PWS data via API key.   Getting an "access denied" error.  Anyone else?  Appears to have begun late yesterday (11/8).  Thanks for any info.

The last time I got this error from a WU API call was when I was debugging my program and was exceeding the WU API call limit for an hour.


I can't even get to that info right now.  Nicely done, IBM.

I may try regenerating the key and see if that helps.  The only thing using the key is my PWS, which sends ever two minutes.

Upon further investigation, the key is working on Meteo PWS Monitor on my phone so I dug a bit deeper.  Appears that the one application I mostly still use WU's PWS weather feed has figured out a way to mess up, and when I checked it via the API call directly I managed to pull an old key.  Cascading errors...nasty things. ;)

This time it wasn't WU's doing.

And, the plot thickens.  It turns out they shut down HTTP (not HTTPS) access to the data.  So if you have software which isn't doing an encrypted HTTPS connection, you get that "connection refused" error.

My earlier (successful) testing used HTTPS.


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