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Can I Easily Get ALL of My WU Data Back From Them?


The ONE hook that WU has on me is that they have a storehouse (database) with 12 years of my historical WX data.

Does anyone know how I can get a report from WU that includes ALL of my daily data?  I'd like it in a tabular form (csv or xls).

I know there is the laborious process of "view, copy, paste to spreadsheet" - Obviously, that's impossible (even though I'm retired)  :grin:

Any Ideas?  Any Experience?

You can use my WXDailyHistory.php script to get the JSON of the data and format it into .csv files.  This script is part of the wxwuhistory.php script set (but you don't need the other parts if you don't want to install them).
You do need a WU API key which is free if you submit data to WU.

Just download the WXDailyHistory.php script from there, customize it for your WU ID and API key, then use the Initial instructions to download your data.

Hope this helps...


Much appreciated !

I will get my son right on that !



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