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Wunderground not showing current conditions on PC, does on cell phone

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I am sending data to WU but when I pull up my bookmarked station in WU it shows Logan Airport about 20 miles away.  If I enter my station id  KMAWALPO45 it shows my station but as being OFFLINE but if I go into account it says ONLINE.

All current conditions are null or blank.

if I go to forecast it is Logan.

I enter my station ID and scroll down and all the current conditions show in the graphs and tables so it is sending the current data to WU.

I go to MY DEVICES and it shows my station WX1USN WALPOLE MALL and as online but when I click on it it goes to STATION SUMMARY and won't let me put it in as a favorite.  When I entered the location in search location I clicked the star but it still doesn't show as a favorite.

At least I can see what is going on via the charts

Any ideas how to get the forecast back?  I am using WIFIlogger

It's not just you.  WU has been pretty messed up yet again for the last few days.

So my Rainwise IP100 is 'online', graphs seem to function correctly and it's a WU issue with the rest? I've never used a mobile device just the PC interface but just now believe I attempted 'mobile' and I see the same?


My Station ID is  KMAWALPO45  It shows on the map I click on the icon and it comes up "South Norwood with my Station ID.  I click on show local weather station and it comes up with "Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport Station" instead of South Norwood and gives the temp and pressure etc from Logan. But map still shows Walpole/Norwood. If I click on "CHANGE" it then shows the map around Logan airport.
   If I then click on the Logan name it gives the Weather History for my station KMAWALPO45 but none of the current conditions and it says "Offline" but under "My Devices" it says "Online"

Same thing here.  "Current conditions" are blank, station shows as "offline" BUT the graphs are populating with the data and I am getting no FTP errors.  My data is getting there or the graphs would not be correct, which means this is a front-end problem displaying the data.  You'd think that IBM could get something simple like this right but I guess not.  :roll:


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