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I find that weather radio streams still have a long ways to go to restore what was available before wunderground shut gheir service down. Does anybody live in Kansas, and have a weather radio? I'd like to be able to hear streams from places like Hays, Dighton, Goodland, Kirwin, Blue Rapids, etc.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
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You just joined, so you probably haven't seen this:
and if you haven't searched the web for 'noaa weather radio' you
may be unaware of this:

how to join the NWROrg community
Unfortunately, only one Jayhawk is providing a stream to NWROrg at this moment.  You can be #2and then some of the commercial web site you HAVEN'T authorized will gladly steal your stream, from us
and rebroadcast it using our initial resources.  (We're working on that, however).

Well, I do know Broadcastify has some streams of stations in Great Bend, Kansas City, and I believe Wichita. And my local weather radio station isn't listed. I'll think of something.


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