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Notice to all utilizing older Midland WR-100 versions 4 & 5 radios


I do consumer electronic service & repair and have recently been bombarded by customers complaining that their Midland WR-100 radios no longer work properly.  The two most frequent complaints are either a loud screeching sound from the speaker or that the radio is no longer alerting for hazards or tests.  Both of these conditions render the radio virtually useless.  The option to repair these failures is an expensive one and certainly not worth it when one considers the cost of the newest model (WR-120) which sells on Amazon for ~$30.

The point of this post is to advise all users of these radios to confirm that they are working as they should be by monitoring the radio during the Wednesday test.  It is important to note that depending on the version, the test may not be audible.  In this case, the "Advisory" or "Statement" LED (depending on the age of the unit) will illuminate.

Feel free to post your findings here.

I'd also like to point out the still continued Midland WR-300 version 5 also is rumored to have the death screech problem. Buying an older model of WR-300 is not an easy option as those are much rarer, I'd consider a new WR-120 or WR-10 a better idea to replace broken midland WR-100s. A small side note is that taking fried version 4 or 5s apart is also a good idea, as not all parts are affected or fail and can be interchanged with other radios.


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