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Email bouncing fixed (I think)...


I've had an odd problem with some forum-initiated emails bouncing claiming we're (our mail server) on a blocklist, despite checks that find us on no blocklists...

Turned out, the bounces were happening due to a badly formatted SPF record in our DNS which has been corrected.
I've done a 'remind' to all the waiting for validation new members, so hopefully they'll see the email (instead of me seeing a bounce). 

Reminder.. check your spam folder for messages -- some email services put messages from there.

You have no idea how many times per year that I have to reach out and educate vendors/contractors at work about why all of their email is being tagged as spam (~all SPF soft fail) or rejected (-all hard fail) due to bad/obsolete SPF records in their DNS.....

I feel a bit sheepish as my expertise is not so much in current email stuff.  Back when I did BSDi Unix, it was all sendmail and none of the security protocols (like SPF and DKIM existed).  Got to read up a bit more to get everything up-to-snuff (bit by bit, no pun intended).

Many moons ago, I sat on a panel at a multi-day Federal Trade Commission event about email auth and spam.  The inventor of SPF was on the stage an hour before my panel was.  That event was an eye-opener for me about how lobbying, and why the spam problem will *never* be fixed.....


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