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Henry Leonard:
For some reason, I find the voice of the NOAA weather radio oddly soothing. So soothing, in fact, that I listen to it as I fall asleep. Does any body else feel this way? Let me know by completing the poll!

Maybe you are one of those people who's brains are wired so that they find women whispering and clicking their fingernails on glass bottles somehow relaxing?

I don't recall the acronym for it, but when I heard about this thing and people actually making money off utube and other places, I looked one up.

To me, it was exactly the opposite, like plastic scratching across hard surfaces or styrofoam sheets squeaking while being hauled down the road.

I would have thought they would have done a better job with the voice phrases.  Wasn't this major tune up done maybe 5-7 years ago with much ballyhoo about the improvement?

Autonomous sensory meridian response - ASMR.

I'm one of the people who gets it but my "triggers" are elusive. Doesn't work via YouTube for me.

It's a nice natural high when it happens.

I can't imagine trying to sleep without a fan for white noise, I've used one for many years. I hate complete silence, just makes the ringing in my left ear that much more noticeable.


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