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Midland wr400 question

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Hey all, I just got a midland wr400 last week. I noticed in the alert list it has Special Weather Statement but it did not alarm for the one we had today for 35 mph wind gusts.. Anyone know why?
P.s. i checked and made sure all alerts are on and i have a good signal.

I got the same WX radio and its never had the "special weather statement" message on the display, which sucks because we get more of those than any of the other messages.

I have the same radio and don't receive any special statements. From NOAA Weather Radio Alerts website:  "It is optional for broadcasters to activate EAS for these events"

The WR400 is certainly capable of receiving that alert. The default action is for it to be ON also. It is just like Storm017 is up to the station to activate it for each event.

I have a Sangean CL-100 and it is no different. It's not the radio.

Ok.. That clears that one up then..
Got another question.. Does the wr400 store the weekly required tests in its memory?
I havent been home for either one of them this week but my radio says no message when i check the history.. Does that mean it's not getting them? I get clear reception when i push the weather button to listen to current conditions, forecasts, etc.
Thanks guys. Just trying to make sure it's working right. Got a severe threat tomorrow night.


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