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WU is not meeting my expectations... so...

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I've been contributing excellent data to WU for over 10 years.  I've dropped a lot of $$ getting it "right" (gear, phone pole, time spent, perseverance, even a dedicated PC).

In the last three weeks I've written to "them" asking, "Why can't I have the new phone apps for free without paying for a subscription?"
A couple of the new apps are nice but WHY SHOULD I PAY A SUBSCRIPTION?  The PWS network is the backbone of their service, right?

I get no responses from "them."

Even the site keeps logging me off - and I HATE their ads.  (btw, I also hate their fake science diatribes.)

As someone else said on this forum, "It's like a drug..."  But I'm ready to quit WU. 

I've been using Weatherlink, and I like it.  The improvements to it are excellent.

If I left WU, none of "them" would ever even know it.

UNLESS... a bunch of dissatisfied PWS providers organized a coordinated two-week long BOYCOTT.

Also, wasn't there a "Topic" thread here on WXForum entitled something like "Complaints about WU" and wasn't there a WU rep on the thread trying to answer complaints?

Finally, I don't complain about a lot of things but WU left me, I didn't leave "them" - but I could easily see that as a possibility.

I cannot share bad experiences since I have never contributed to WU nor look at their stuff except when a kind soul gives me their address and I go look.  Some I've saved (up in Alaska and a few other places) but in general have no experience with being a 'sharer' of my data.

As you point out, they get a lot of data from the scattered users.

While those data are not enough to pay for they should provide some degree of reimbursement, in kind, for that immediate data stream from each user.  And you have footed the bill for some stuff, including the station (which you'd have otherwise) and the communications to get it to them.  I'm not sure everyone has unlmited data service, and know I've read in the last year some of the more remotely living forum members who select their upload times and amount shared to keep data charges low.

I participate in a time of arrival lightning detection network.  I love knowing the most precise location of a strike, and several years ago was chosen to provide the data to that company.  They shipped me (but retained ownership of ) a box, two antennas, a couple big hunks of cables and I furnished the support tower, the router connection, the uninterruptable power supply and did a little upgrading to my capabilities in order to ship them the data.  In return I get one access to their data from my location which I can slew around some.  My back is scratched while I scratch theirs.

Why can't  WU do this for their contributors?  I know from a couple of software and template programs that the authors mince no words in saying they aren't cooperating with WU.

The questions remain, then, as to why they don't treat their data sources better, and secondly, why is it taking so long to tell them to take a hike?

Who can get in on the lightning network?

dave, I'm not sure if they still need stations or not.  They had some criteria for location and I don't recall their specs.

I'll look for contact info and PM you later with it.  It may not be today but will get to it before the weekend.



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