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I thought I was going to pass out! #-o

I'm sure Ken appreciates all of the thank you's and accolades...  For anyone who hasn't made a donation in awhile, now would be a good time!!
Just sayin'....    [tup]

A final update after the server move to VPS and the domain moves.  The lingering issue with email has (I think) been solved.

Because of a 'bug' in Plesk managing DNS entries, our MX record had only 'mail' and not the required '' entry.  Because of that, we were on the 'suspected spammer list' with one DNSBL list, and couldn't get it removed until it was fixed.  Today, it was fixed.

The impact was that messages going to and multiple others were bounced due to the MX record misconfiguration.

Whew, the migration is now over.  Server is humming along at <0.5 load factor, database backed up nightly, and we (me) are running it all.. The first level support for VPS servers at ionos is excellent and have been very helpful when needed.
Thanks to all of you for the generous donations (we're funded for over a year) and for your patience during the outage caused by the domain registrar transfer.

Best regards,

Thanks dude. [tup]

You are the best! You overcame many obstacles and I hope that this forum will be able continue functioning smoothly for a long time.

 =D&gt; \:D/ =D&gt; \:D/ =D&gt; \:D/


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